In The Arms of The Angels is the true story of a medical volunteer who recounts the first traumatic days following the bombing of a busy Kuta nightspot that claimed the lives of hundreds, wounding and maiming many more.

Kim Patra, an expatriate nurse, was but one of a massive group of volunteers and professionals that tackled the multi faceted challenge following this tragic event; she writes this poignant account through the eyes of a health professional, an expatriate, a woman and a mother.

Walk with her through the wards and corridors of the Sanglah General Hospital where she battles a mire of internal emotions to maintain her professional commitment; where an eclectic mix of culture, medicine, religion and ethnicity are thrown together in the turmoil of shock, grief and immense sadness. Witness the countless reports of those that walked out of their ‘ordinary’ lives to perform the most extraordinary tasks, rising to the massive challenge that ensued.

Kim tells it all with empathy, humor, tragedy, and grace as she salutes her colleagues, her peers, and her patients.

In the Arms of the Angels is a fitting tribute to all that were involved.

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